My Journey Cost V4

Version 4 of the My Journey Cost iOS app has just been submitted to the AppStore. All being well, it should be available for download in under a week.

Version 4 has been rebuilt completely to make it quicker, easier to use and just better all round. There’s some big changes in this version. Perhaps the biggest being that the app now works for the US (as well as the UK) and contains US fuel prices by state to give you an average fuel price of your area. For those who don’t know, the UK and US do fuel slightly different, and so not all apps will work for both markets. Which is why it’s a big step in the right direction for My Journey Cost to cover both in one app. You can see all of the other updates inside the release notes in the AppStore, it includes a lot of what people have been asking for, so I hope everyone is happy.

Of course, this puts the Android version of the app a version behind, but it won’t be for long. Work has already started on updating the Android version to be as good as the iOS version, and it will be released soon.

Thank you to everybody who has downloaded My Journey Cost so far, and to everyone who gave a suggestion, left a review or recommend a friend, I really appreciate it. Keep the suggestions and reviews coming, they really help more than you would think.

V4 will be a free upgrade of V3, so if you don’t already have it, you don’t need to wait until V4 is available to download My Journey Cost. You can download it here now!

Here are some screenshots of V4 (click them to get full quality versions) while you wait for it to be available to download. I really excited about the latest version, and hope everybody gets plenty of use out of it.

V4_1 V4_2 V4_3 V4_4